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A new project for me is this cool unique Hydroplane kit.
Watched these boats race every summer at Sea Fest in Seattle….mostly on TV.


A pretty simplistic kit part wise but the paint livery and engine detailing are where the challenge is. These ran an aircraft Packard/Merlin v12 engine.


The black engine here is a 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire engine I am making.



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23 minutes ago, TonyK said:

Ahhhh the old school Hydroplane races. Good luck with your build. Take care with those old decals.

Yes very careful indeed; they look to fall apart if you stare at them too much!

I will paint the copper, red and white parts and just cut out and apply the decal over top

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5 hours ago, David G. said:

Looks to be a fun build.

If this were a $5 swap meet kit, I'd consider using the engine to build a Blastolene knock-off.

David G.


Jay Leno has a great video of him driving around a few V12 Merlin engined cars...a Rolls and an Alfa I think they were

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If my mind isn't in Biden mode aren't the decasls really stickers? good luck with the build.

I posted these before but here is a comparison of the AMT Allison, MPC/Airfix Mustang and Spitfire Merlins.P1020765.JPG.fa7d02b9d1224b9fc2c353b5ef171a08.JPG




If your interested in an MPC/Airfix Merlin let me know I have an extra


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Posted (edited)

Hi Greg

The large decals are indeed a vinyl sticker and the small ones water sliders

I am making a Tamiya Spitfire Merlin and also found a 3D print file for a Merlin I am playing with to get all the parts separated and printed out

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I built one about 10 years ago. The vinyl had some spotting but still worked. The adhesive was a little aggressive. I got away with clearcoating the decals, too.

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