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My Sons Xmas Challenge To Me

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My son gave me 3 gluebombs for Xmas that he got off of Ebay and challenged me to build a model out of all three. They were a 1929 Ford Woodys a 1960 Corvette and a 1975 Mustang. The Mustang was in the worst condition. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of when I got them.

I didn’t have the heart to cut up the Woodys so I made it into the tow car with a surfing theme. The Corvette I am making into a speed boat and the Mustang I am making in to the trailer.

So far this project is a 90 hour investment. Its not my best work but I’m still adjusting to my new location and I don’t have a spray booth as of yet.

The Woodys didn’t come with doors so I left them out. I added wheels, tires and an engine from the parts box. I had some old mahogany veneer so I incorporated it into the side panels and grained the light wood frames. I hand made the anchor (which took two hours) and chromed it then placed it in the spare tire holder on the fender. The surf boards are both scratched built. I wanted a different look for the interior so I hand painted the seats in a Zebra pattern.



The Vette will be the speed boat. I narrowed it about 1/4 “ and added the rear fin. I also scratch built  the points on the front and the pontoons. Then I cut off the windshield and filled in the wheel wells. I reformed and added a hood from a 1967 Vette. For the interior I used parts of the seating from the Predicta, the dash from a ’55 Porsche and scratch built the rest. The seats will be in the zebra pattern to match the Woodys seats.










The Stang has been a challenge. It was covered in heavy hand painted black on top of a couple other colors and also heavily glued. I cut off the roof and cut off the sides. I added an inner wall to the sides and used the bottom curved piece of rear chassis from the Garbage Truck for the front end. I had to widen the body in order to fit the Vetteboat in. I also hinged the rear for the tailgate. I needed to keep the indentation on the side panel to show it is from a Mustang, but also extended it to insert some of the mahogany wood veneer, I added old fenders and scratch built running boards to bring it together with the Woodys. I then built the frame and inside spot for the boat to sit.


I am almost finished with this project. I will post completion pics in the Under Glass section soon.

Thanks for looking and I hope you like  it.






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Each one is an entirely unique design. The Surf Wagon looks great and very feasible. The Corvette turned Tunnel Haul Boat is great. I like how you designed the trailer out of the Mustang. The trailer looks very usable and practical. 

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3 hours ago, espo said:

Each one is an entirely unique design. The Surf Wagon looks great and very feasible. The Corvette turned Tunnel Haul Boat is great. I like how you designed the trailer out of the Mustang. The trailer looks very usable and practical. 

Thank you for your kind compliments. 

Looking back I think I should have added a second set of wheels on the Stang trailer. I think it would not have looked as long after the wheels to the front.



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Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I think my son is working on what to challenge me for next Xmas.

The taillights from the Stang were beyond usable so I had to scratchbuild some from a pic.

A little more progress.



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