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1989 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado

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This is a conversion of the AMT '89 C1500 into the four wheel drive K1500. You may have seen an in progress photo and the truck's filthy ash tray in the Commercial Break column in the most recent issue of MCM (I think it's the most recent issue... I'm too lazy to get up and look :P )... here's the finished mess.

The thought process was to create "the truck owned by every grandpa in the '90's". To that end, the running boards, tailgate net, and bed rails provided as options in the kit were used. Front suspension comes by way of a 1996 S10 Blazer, modified for fit and to "look right" in this half ton application. Rear suspension height was also adjusted. Tahoe snap kit wheels and tires were added, and the whole mess was coated in a generic silver paint. The fact there's no peeling clearcoat or surface rust and the fact that the 4x4 graphics are of a different color and font may be a tip off that this truck was repainted at some point during it's service life. Though Ray's Kits has a decal sheet with a bunch of GM truck graphics, including the correct 4x4 markings, I didn't have one at the time, so the generic red graphics are from a Gofer shop truck set. Bumper stickers were made on my home printer, though the "I'd rather be driving a Titleist" one I had on the back window flaked off.

In place of the kit supplied buckets and console, a rear seat from the extended cab snap kit was cut from the interior and modified for use as a front bench. I went to the trouble of making two headrests but after losing one I said screw it and did without. There's also a shifter console and 4WD gear selector on the floor. I retained the 5 speed manual and despite an early thought to install a 4.3 V6 I stuck with the small block V8. Kit box says it's a 350 but since this is 1990s grandpa truck let's say it's a 305. :P 

As I lamented earlier, I hope Round 2 will reissue at least a couple of the GMT400 variants sometime soon. Preferably the long bed regular cab but this series doesn't have any stinkers so any choice is a good choice. :)






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11 hours ago, Jim B said:

Great looking Silverado.  Lot's of changes on this one.  Are the bed rails & tailgate net part of a kit?

Yep. They're part of the '88 and '89 C1500 kit. I believe they're still in the 1990 version but I'm not 100% sure. 

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