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53 Corvette AMT


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I had this AMT Corvette laying around for at least 25 years. I had the bodywork and paint finished and it always went back into its box. Finally I managed to finish it. The Monogram kit is probably the better one but I tend to avoid 1:24 for its size. So I had to deal with this kit. Like other AMT kits of the mid 70s it was quite a hassle. Relative simple detail, parts fit so so, bad chrome plating, stance needed to be corrected and so on. I used Model Car Garage etch-parts for the headlight covers. These were of course made for the Monogram kit and much larger. Not ideal, but at least better than the AMT kit solution to paint the clear headlights. Given the inaccuracies and hassles I am quite happy with the result. And glad that it is done...

53 Corvette_09_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_11_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_13_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_21_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_28_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_32_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_49_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

53 Corvette_51_Bildgröße ändern.jpg

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