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1998 Corvette convertible

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Had this one banging around in my stash forever.  Painted and polished it in 2010.  Color is Testors 1849 Graphite Dust. Clear coated it with their wet look clear and jsut for effect added some brass to the clear.   Built mostly stock with a few additions.  I have almost every year Corvette and slowly getting them done.  See captions under the pictures for more details.


Car done and photographed on my fall background.  Wasn't real happy about the way AMT attaches the wheels but at least got them to steer


Rear veiw had some nice detail. Car looks like it is going somewhere. 


That accent moulding in the fender scoop  wasn't included in the kit although the box art clearly had it. So I made one.  


The kit did have this nice convertible top. Painted Tamiya Nato black. 


Engine detail was fairly nice but getting it in place was something else. I forgot how much work domestic kits were,   Note the   two jewelers screw at the base of the windshield. This was a much better solution that trying to glue it in place. My experience with Vettes was that the windshields were very fussy because of the angle. 

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4 hours ago, ChrisR said:


Thank you


1 hour ago, Gramps46 said:

Had no idea you were into Corvettes!  This is a real looker.  Well done.

Gary...when I get in a creative painting mode I haul out one of my many Corvette kits. Unfortunately all of them are now painted so i have to look elsewhere when the paint  mood strikes. Thanks for the compliment. 


1 hour ago, John B. said:

Very nice - great job on the molding!

I felt that molding really made the look of the car so it had to be added.   Thanks



1 hour ago, Jim B said:

Nice Corvette.  Well done.

Thank you.


1 hour ago, mustang1989 said:

Good looking Corvette bud.

Thanks Joe.  I lived in Corpus Christi for 3 1/2 yrs. Won my very first contest that was held at an auto show in the coliseum.


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18 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

Nice job on the vette. It looks great in that color.

Mario, that color was an interesting experiment.  A silver grey basecoat with with clear that had a little gold added to it. Gave the paint an interesting glow when polished. 

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