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Green Hornet and Black Widow

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So I’ve been in a building slump lately and looking for a slump buster.  While digging through my stash I came across these two reissues of the old Green Hornet and Black Widow kits from Monogram.  These kits are simple and don’t have many parts.  In addition I have almost all the paints already in my cabinet so bonus.  Both will be built “box top stock” and I hope to have them finished in time to take to a show a week from Saturday.  No pressure.  Lol



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I've still got a Black Widow that I built as a kid.  I had thought of getting the reissue just for the fun of it.  

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The Green Hornet tool is pretty worn with mucho flash and sink marks. Places like top of radiator and the length of the frame rails.

I do want to build a Black Beauty but note the chassis / underside was made for a battery power motor but those parts are gone leaving a void. I will figure out a better chassis 

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Having just finished up building the Green Hornet as the box art Grasshopper and having a couple of the Black Widow kits in the stash, I will be watching your builds with some interest.

Here is as hot of my finished Grasshopper, it can be found in the Drag Racing under glass section if you’d like some inspiration.


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