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Awhile (2 years)back I built the Roadster version of the Surf Woody and said never again, this kit is not builder friendly, but I had 3 of these kits and wanted to build all 3 versions. About 3 months ago I started to build the actual Surf Woody version, I got part way through the drive train and put it all away. Poor glue points and odd part install design were the  issues I had. Many parts I had to modify or pin in and I used epoxy in many areas to attach parts . Installing the lanterns on the windshield frame was the best lets launch this kit moment , but was just one more lets work with it since I was so close. I worked on this one on and off for awhile and completed it today. This cleans off the work area of any and all unfinished projects. I still have the  Surf Woody Hearse to do to complete the 3 of them, I learned from the modifications and short cuts on this one but it will be awhile before I take that one on.  The Roadster had a clear windshield when I built it but the newer issue kit I used  for the Surf Woody had  nice tinted glass, so I changed it . Surf Woody is painted Tamiya #31 Bright Orange and cleared with a light Pearl. Roadster is slightly darker but dont remember the color.










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11 hours ago, cobraman said:

 I built one a few years ago, it did not go well.

Getting that chassis right and having it stay square is a nightmare.

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Congrats Ken on getting it done! While not an easy build yours looks great and is a great companion to your roadster. Here’s wishing you an easier build with the hearse version as using your previous experience with the kit will be of great benefit. Cheers Misha

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A very fiddly and difficult kit to get right . . . Excellent job on both of them , glad you stuck to it and finished them !  I built one way back in  the early 70's and it didn't go well . . . still have a couple "Surf Rod" versions that I may try one day . :)

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4 minutes ago, Nazz said:

Great work Ken! Love them. Did the slicks come with the cheater grooves? If not , nice touch.



Yes ,the cheater slicks  (4) came in the last issue.

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