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"Trailer Park Limo-inspired" Lincoln Continental "Ranchero"

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Those of you on facebook may have seen a page called "Trailer Park Limo" before. Whoever runs it is always coming up with some pretty radical chopped up cars via photoshop that are either SLAMMED or made to look in-progress, or just outright outlandish. One of them sunk it's teeth into me soo deep when I saw it, and I had to recreate it. This one for example is made to look like the rear doors and all handles and emblems were shaved and covered in red primer. 

Here's the original pic: 



So I had just happened to acquire a kinda rough '59 Lincoln Craftsman car and decided that it was rough enough I could justify chopping it up. I had a couple Chrysler Imperial pickup interiors given to me and I used those to start the bed. I had to extend one of them by using parts of the other to achieve the look I wanted. I also had to cut and shorten the top significantly, along with the interior of course. The pegasus wheels in the final pic aren't permanent. I do plan to try and get mine that low as well and even try to recreate the bellflower exhaust tips. 

I suppose this one is the 'hood counterpart of my really nicely done green '60 Continental. LOL






I then used a section of the old trunk/deck to make a filler panel for the roof to sit on as a compartmental divider of sorts for the body. Then repurposed the divider from the Imperial for the head of the bed area. I followed that work up, with some new styrene strips to clean up the edges of what are now the bed edges. I may put some radiuses in the back of that filler panel for the front edge of the bed, I'm not sure yet. 






You can see in the last couple pics above I also shortened the roof and got it back together. I had to use a temporary resin convertible frame to help with my judgement on the roof. I Also had to fix the windshield frame of the car first before using it. Here's some of those mock up pics:





Once I got the original roof all put back together I took some more pics of it





And then the pic with pegasus wheels and lowered. I am thinking Pegasus Mini-T's would look right at home on this. 



Unfortunately this is where it sits today. I've had it put away for a couple years but I couldn't resist showing off what I had done to this thing so far.  I hope I can find motivation to start working on models again full tilt like I was before I broke my leg and ended up w/ the rona. 


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3 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Whoowhee!!! I have a gloobomb one of those I'd been trying to think of something interesting to do with.

Problem solved.

Thanks...and nice work.   :D

Thank ya sir, glad I could be of service. Looking forward to what you do. You are always doing something cool and do great work, so I know it will be good. 

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1 hour ago, JTalmage said:


I like the flow of this, and how the proportions balance out.

The window opening compliments the front cove and the rear of the C pillar matches the rear of the fins. The shortened roof makes these details more obvious. 

It's looking like a Ford design study from the Custom Caravan years. I hope you choose a period paint color to complete the theme. A pastel color or a platinum silver would look stunning on this and accentuate the curves perfectly. 

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That is looking cool! I think Oldcarfan's comments hit the nail on the head as to the flow of the lines. You need to get back on this! It will be a great complement to your 60 Continental.


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Cool!  I wasn't sure where you were going with it... fixed roof  or a roadster pickup with removable top.   Keep going this is gonna be cool!

The good chuckle-- the glue blob on the hood.  That kid must've been working with a bucket of glue!



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Real well done so far! Looks like a funeral home flower car. I have a '59 Craftsman Continental that's too nice to cut up, but I did scrounge a batch of '59-'60 T-bird gluebombs I'm going to do the same thing with:


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Old average built  kits are good fodder for creative modelling to cut about.

It's only bits of plastic after all.    If you mess up so what?   Regardless, you will have learnt from the process.

I like the subject of this thread and Jesse's model is looking good and very original.

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Great job and it looks like a fun project!

The lines really work, the flow is great, cool idea!

Let us know when you get back to it, and you should, when you can!




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