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1996 Dodge Grand Caravan Old Hippie Lady Van

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Over the weekend I found myself with a few hours to kill. So over the course of five or six hours I threw together this old Lindberg snap kit. Other than the Gofer decals (slathered over a few coats of Tamiya pink) it's box stock.  A few of the graphics cover nicks in the paint, and I didn't bother touching up a few chips around the tail lights. The idea was a van that had been obviously repainted but fairly well kept since that time. Hard to rack up those miles when your transaxle is constantly on the fritz, right? :P

I imagine the owner being an elderly lady who's nice enough but you try to avoid her at Dollar General because you don't have the time to hear her go on about healing crystals again, or how you'd be under a great deal less stress if you'd just come over for a spiritual cleansing session. The van itself is loosely based on an early 2000s Ford Windstar I used to see locally. It was about the same shade of pink but had far fewer graphics. 

The last thing I did was apply foil to the backup lights. In so doing I accidentally shoved the passenger side tail light assemble into the body. But I found that I could fix it without disassembly by shoving a bamboo skewer up into the gap between the chassis plate and bumper and maneuvering it until the lamp was back in it's proper spot. 

I'm not sure about he wipers- I may have installed them upside down or maybe they're just that weird looking.  Eventually I'll pop them off and tweak them a little if they really bother me but considering I threw the thing together in a few hours it turned out better looking than it probably should have. 


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Brings a smile to your face looking at it. As for the wipers, just move them to the opposite side and they'll be fine.  

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Nice quick build. We bought a new 2002l. Drove that thing every where. Took out middle seats installed a tv and vcr. Biggest lemon on wheels.  Might have to look for yhis kit. 

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