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Another Hot Rod Lincoln.

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Yes indeed the 1941 Zephyr has got to be one of the sleekest cars of the vintage era!  Perfect project for the Ardun 12.  I am partial to blue but the metallic green is pretty sharp too.  Looking forward to seeing it come together.


41 Lincoln.jpg

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14 hours ago, landman said:

Scrounged a '67 Mustang console. The hose nib of a Fujimi shopvac will make a nice shifter boot.




Nice reuse of parts!   Real nice color choices I do like the green also Pat!

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On 7/13/2022 at 7:36 AM, David G. said:

Nice progress on this. I think the green will look great, maybe with some white accents.

David G.

And so it is.



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I broke the windshield frame repeatedly, so I cut it off and will try to adapt this one.



The centre trim piece wasn't reuseable so I put a wire in the groove.


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Posted (edited)

The finishing details were a challenge. Either I am too old, I am getting clumsy or it wasn't a good idea but I kept dropping, breaking or otherwise making a mess. The license plate says Poifect but the end result is far from it. However I imagine an Ardun  V12 in a car this heavy would be something to contend with.




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some days are just like that an you got to know when to fold them and walk away.  Very Nice job all the same Pat. The injected Ardun V12 would definitely make it jump.

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