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Ultra Glue acrylic by AMMO for photo etch & Clear parts

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So the kit I'm working on is a "Test" kit that I'm trying alot of different products on.  This product I've had for awhile and i think it is fantastic.  Basically lay it down put your clear or photo etch down and it'll dry clear in 6 hours.  I usually let it dry for awhile and than start using water to clean up around the edges.  If you wait full 6 hours its a little tougher to remove, but all it takes is water to remove and can be thinned.  Here's a few pics and yeah i need to clean up my desk lol.  Yes i know there is canopy glue and other great products out there, but i figure i'd mentioned this one.







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7 hours ago, jaymcminn said:

Nice results. What is the consistency? How does it compare to something like Kristal Klear?

It's bout the same.  You can thin it with water if you need too as well.  Gives you about 3 mins work time to move stuff around before it gets a strong hold.  

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On 6/11/2022 at 8:21 PM, peteski said:

Interesting. It is labeled as specifically for photoetched parts.  Is it possible that it is just repackaged canopy glue?

Says photoetch and clear parts.....the glare kinda breaks the eyesight. I fell for it at first too!


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This is great stuff for photo etch and other small detail parts.  One thing that makes it work so well is it doesn't try hard and brittle so the parts seem to stay on better (at least for me).

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