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Maserati 300S Chassis #3055

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I have finally completed my all time favourite front engined sports racer.  For this I have to thank Vlad for the file and Phil for printing it for me.  #3055 was a factory team car and was shipped to Australia by the factory to race at Albert Park in the 1956 Australian Tourist Trophy.  Driven by Jean Behra it finished 2nd to Stirling Moss in the other Factory 300S #3059.  It was then purchased by Doug Whiteford and during his 3 year custodianship it became the most successful sports racing car in Australia.  I saw this car race multiple times at Longford race track in Tasmania and being aged 8, 9 and10 years old respectively it made a lasting impression on me!!

The model represents the car a raced at Longford in 1959, the photo in the background of one of the shots shows Behra at Albert Park.

Apart from the photo etched spokes (Herb Deeks), the bonnet/boot latches (Profil 24) and the tyres (urethane, tks Phil) all the other parts were either cast or vac formed by me.  The car is finished in an auto acrylic mix and clear coated, decals are by Patto & Phil.  The second image shows what I started with.

Tks for looking

Dave B







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A magnificent model. The first picture is a joy to see. A lovely way to display the finished model, especially after all the work you must have put in. You must be very proud. I am sure inspirational to a lot of people. Thankyou.

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I wasn't really sure what I was clicking on, but man, am I glad I did! That car ( and model) just oozes "coooool". We need an accessible kit of this car; what a beauty. Doesn't hurt a thing that you gave it a slick-as-glass red paint job, either. Outstanding work.

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