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1964 C10 Tail Dragger

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This was a weathering test build. I wanted to see if I could get a "realistic" weathered looki I took iron from dirt, fine dirt, brown primer and salt to get this look. Im real happy with the outcome. 

This was a parts kit. The roof had been crushed on the drivers side and I didnt think I could fix it, you can see the attempt. So why not break the windshield, make it look like it was hit by something big. The only mods were drilling holes on pass door handle, c notch and channing the bed. 

The interior was painted Sea Foam Blue. Silver micro glitter was placed on the shifter knob, arm rest, stearing wheel and the centers of the seat. Basic dash detail.

Wheels & tires are from a dicast 39 chevy pickup

I laid down the brown primer, then the iron and fine dirt. soaked it with a "special" sauce that a friend came up with. Baked it for 48 hours and spraied with mop n glow. Gave it a couple squirts of water, coverwd it with salt, back in the dehydrator over night. Couple of medium coats of Sea Foam Blue( the hood & taile gate didnt get color). Once again in the dehydrator for 48 hours. Too many hours sanding!!!











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I agree with Vintage AMT about the river bottom looking finish and that would include the hood as well. I notice what looks like some sand and dirt around the edges inside the bed. Great job with the aging of this. 

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