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51 minutes ago, Bugatti Fan said:

Lovely model of a classic bus.   What scale is it and who made it?

I guess it started life as a toy?

It’s about 1:26 scale 18” long. The wheels and tires are 1:25 scale so it’s not to far from there. PMC made it in the late fifties,

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49 minutes ago, Repstock said:

Now you need to get one of these to go with it. Just about the same size as your Trailways bus. It was made by Bell products.


Got one I don’t know if I have the intestinal fortitude to mess with that one.


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That is an awesome bus! Very nice restoration and beyond. Nice work.

Seeing the buses reminds me when I was very young and invited into military service with the US Army. Made several bus journeys around the southwest to get home and back to the Army. Quite an adventure back then. Once they sent me to  Germany for several years, I began my long list of airplane flights. At one time I had been on at least one flight of every airliner version flying at that time. Sorry, I was carried away by being reminded of all that travel.

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Tim, this is truly one of the most interesting and unique projects I've seen. I love what you've done with this! To turn a toy into a model is a great accomplishment, and you've done it, in spades! The added details to come will only make it more impressive.

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