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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

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This is a project that has been too long in the works and I figured it was about time to finish it.  Color is Tamiya TS-49 Bright red. Interior is Tamiya LP30 nLt Sand and the dark brown accent is LP59 Nato brown. A great kit and I really liked it. I was fortunate when I bought it that the photo etch set (by Fujimi) came with it. They were a lot of fussy work but in the end well worth it it. Other than the hood (mine was slightly warped)  the kit went together very well. Captions below the pictures tell the rest of the story. Thanks for looking and comments are always appreciated. 


I chose to go two tone on the seats. Seat belts and hardware cam with the PE set. The seatbelt material was easy to work with and looked extra nice.


The engine had quite a bit of detail. The stick on chrome emblems really set it off. 


Rear end detail, some nice PE screens and more stick on chrome emblems. 


The egg crate grill was a very fussy PE item but when done was nicer that the kit chromed  grill. Last thing to go on was the chrome Cavallino. Very delicate. 


Kit had poseable doors if you added the glue on latch piece.  I re-engineered the body to accept this so I could display them closed also. The shiny round thing to the left is a magnet that holds the doors closed. They fit very well. Wanna go for a ride....keys are in it. 


Finished car on its wheels. Stance was just right. Body took some patience but eventually snapped into place.


Rear view shows the graceful lines of the car. 


Phot etch wheel centers and Ferrari emblem were PE items and a nice touch. Pininfarina emblem and door lock were also included. I wound up drilling  two #77 hole through the corners of the hood and added some wire aligning pins to help hold it in place.  Tjhen touched up the paint.  It did the trick and was easier than the magnet solution.   Thanks for following. 

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2 hours ago, Nacho Z said:

She's a beauty, Rich!  I have really enjoyed the couple of Fujimi kits that I have built.  The PE set really adds to a nice kit.

Thanks John...I have built most of the 1/24 Fujimi Ferrari's...but this one was by far the best.


1 hour ago, Gramps46 said:

Nice key fob Rich 😀  Beautiful build.

Gary...that key fob was 4 seperate pieces...the key, two red key ends and the ring.   It took almost and hour to do and I still had to guess where the ignition was.  Thanks, as always for the compliment.


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12 hours ago, 70 Sting said:

Very nice job - worth the extra effort you put in.😎  Your kit came with a few more goodies than mine. 

Thank you Harry,  You did a very nice job on yours too.  Mine was in progress when you posted yours.  My LHS always tries to get the PE set when available and I always buy them. 

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Beautiful looking paint finish. All the extra trim details and the interior really make this a standout looking build. 

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21 hours ago, espo said:

Beautiful looking paint finish. All the extra trim details and the interior really make this a standout looking build. 

Thank you for the kind words David


20 hours ago, 1959scudetto said:

Very nice replica, Rich - the delicate photo-etch details give it the final touch which makes this one standout.

Thank you Helmut....it was a very fussy build but rewarding at the same time. 



12 hours ago, Jason R said:

That’s a beautiful build!  Makes me want to dig mine out and get started on it.  

Jason...I think you would really enjoy this build...its a nice kit. 


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19 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Very nice!

Thank you Larry


19 hours ago, Turbo95187 said:

Superb as always Rich!  Need to see it in person.

You are always invited....


18 hours ago, Jim B said:

Great looking Ferrari.

Thank you Jim


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21 hours ago, ChrisR said:

Very nice!



21 hours ago, Justin Porter said:

Hadn't realized this F12 kit was that detailed! Yours looks great and now I'm going to need one for the shelf.

Justin...there are plenty of them out there, if you can find the PE set get that too.  You will enjoy this kit.  Thanks for the compliment.


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