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What hood is this? (Real car, two pics)

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I saw this at a job site today. A buddy and I were trying to figure it out. I’m thinking GM circa 1970ish. He thinks it’s from a big Ford.  



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14 minutes ago, pack rat said:

I would guess a 70-72 Chevelle SS minus cowl induction (no trap door)

Or possibly a '72 Heavy Chevy

71-72 Heavy Chevy!!

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On 6/26/2022 at 9:27 AM, deuces wild said:

Might even fit the '70-'72 Monti Carlo... I could be way wrong on that one... 🤓🤔

The Monte hood is different, however the trunk lid is shared with 68-72 chevelles and 70-72 skylarks.

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