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"It really could have been..." Mopar C-Body wagon..."surfin' safari", anyone?

tim boyd

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This is the last of my current collection of Mopar C-Body model cars (though I hope to build more at some point the in the future).  

DSC 0441

As background, up until the 1966 model year, the Chrysler brand offered wagons in two trim levels, both called "Town and Country".  There was the lower priced, volume series Newport Town and Country, and the very luxurius and exclusive New Yorker Town and Country, which was without compare as the most luxurious wagon in the domestic auto industry in the 1950's and first half of the 1960's.  Don Holthaus offered a resin conversion of the 1962 New Yorker Town and Country, which I bought for this project.

The second piece of this background was that as Chrysler struggled to extract itself from the very odd early 1960's design language on offer, they ended up producing the 1962 Town and Country four door hardtop wagons by reusing the doors and rear fenders of the 1961 Plymouth wagon (only the taillights were different).  And (third piece of background), not only was the 1961 Plymouth wagon offered as a four door, but also as a two door.  

Thus, many if not most of the physical stampings already existed at Mother Mopar had they decided to do a limited run, sporty two-door hardtop wagon version of the 1962 New Yorker Town and Country.  That became the inspiration for this model.  Further, I wanted a model to show the two exclusive spring 1962 "mid year colors" added to the Chrysler showroom, code LL-1 Limelight and code VV-1 Seascape. 

DSC 0434

Finessing the resin body from a four-door to a two door, and cleaning up some of the casting bodylines that were not exactly 1/1 scale correct, proved to be a bit of a chore (I covered the bodywork steps in a how-to article for the other model car magazine sometime in the mid 2000's).  I do not recall having ever shown the completed project at a later date in that mag, but....

DSC 0421

Finishing the project included adding an annual-kit based 413 big block with dual quads on crossover ram tubes and the killer bigs-n-biggers from the Revell Thom Taylor Alternomad kit.  Two complimentary surf boards finished the project.  Here are some images of the finished project...and thanks for your interest.  Happy to answer any questions....TIM 

DSC 0435

DSC 0437

DSC 0438

DSC 0417

DSC 0418

DSC 0439

DSC 0440

DSC 0419

DSC 0420

PS: Surf's up....just sayin'!   TB 

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  • tim boyd changed the title to "It really could have been..." Mopar C-Body wagon..."surfin' safari", anyone?
15 hours ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

That's not a hair, it's a curb feeler - in accurate scale! Bet you didn't know Tim was that OCD about accuracy, did you?

James and Patrick....."eeehhhhhhwwww"....can't believe I let that one pass.  As I commented on another thread a few days ago, this large format high res digital photography shows things (and undesirable things, too) that you just can't see by looking at a model car through a camera viewfinder lens....    

Wonder if that "curb feeler" is still on the model.... maybe I better dig it out and check...

Anyway, thanks for the comments and also for poking a bit of fun at me - model building is all supposed to be about having fun, right? 



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