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Dodge L700 Straight Truck

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Was trying to decide what to do with the flatbed from the Ford C600 kit and decided to turn one of my Dodge trucks into a flat bed.

Used the long frame rails from the ford to stretch the dodge frame and make cross members.


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1 hour ago, leafsprings said:

Nice conversion work, the Dodge L700 kit can adapt to other vocations if you have the imagination and motivation.

I have 2 more. 

The tanker kit will turn into a White 3000 with tank trailer.

The kit with the flatbed will be built like a truck I used to see in Indiana that had either dual drive or more likely a tag axle that I would see hauling a short flatbed trailer with a single steel coil.

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Got wheels and tires done.

Debating on wheter to leave the silver bright or hit it with dullcoat.

Discovered one of the cab pivots was 1/16 of an inch longer so had to cut it loose and move it down on the frame.


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