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Tamiya Porsche 934- RSR for the road!


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12 hours ago, jaymcminn said:

Thanks Sonny! If you want the treaded tires you need to look for an earlier release of the kit. Mine was a mid-90s release. If you're looking for one on eBay, look for the Dunlop tire lettering on the box art car.  The newest releases have the treaded Dunlops replaced by no-name slicks, which is actually indicated on the box art. The Dunlop sponsor decals seem to be missing as well... I wonder if Dunlop pulled their licensing. FWIW, I don't think new releases include the passenger seat either. 

Has treads...


Has slicks...





I've got the last release here and its got the slicks and only the drivers seat. At some point in the past Tamiya was offering the treaded tires separately.

The missing Dunlop and Shell decals in the latest release are available from Tabu Design

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 3.07.26 PM.png


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6 hours ago, rbarlow1 said:

Absolutely beautiful work. I'd love to know more about how you created the fiberglass effect on the fuel tank and other parts if you wouldn't mind - very impressive!

Thanks Rob! Like most of the stuff I do, I mostly was just winging it, and playing off of the translucent plastic the kit parts are molded in. I mixed Tamiya clear orange and smoke acrylics and applied a fairly heavy coat with a wide, stiff brush. I then started stippling the finish, which developed texture and the mottled effect as it started to dry. I hit the engine components with a second coat of smoke with a little orange, since the engine bay parts seem to have more discoloration than the fuel tank on most 1:1  pics I've seen. A final coat of Mr Super Clear flat lacquer toned everything down and blended the colors.  I was pretty pleased with how the effect turned out!

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