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Who made a 62 Imperial

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In with the models from the thrift store was a box with some parts and the Imperial bumpers were in it along with a 61 Comet front bumper and grill so it looks like I have two more to find that.have missing parts.


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AMT and Revell made '62 Imperial kits.  AMT made a convertible and two-door hardtop (some convertibles were in "SMP" boxes).  Revell made a four-door hardtop.

That bumper looks like AMT, detail is a bit finer than Revell's.  AMT rear bumper has "1962" license plate while Revell's is blank.

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I realize this is the wrong forum, but I have some '62 Revell Imp parts, if needed?  

I hate the '62 because my fine little '55 Chevy (265, stick) Delray got beaten by one that year; the family (mommy's) car of Force funny-car driver Robert Hight's daddy.  He dared me one time to many, and I raced the 413, Torqueflite car, and not only lost by a length but also ruined a U-joint, which wasn't in my budget!  Well, I never ran cars I knew I could beat!  Quarter time of about 16.8 sec, 85-86 mph.  Wick




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Cool parts and a great find! My thrift stores never get vintage stuff like that.

Someday I hope the acquire a 62 Imperial, as I'm planning a Mad, Mad, Mad World series and I've already got the Sylvester's 62 Dart, Rental 61 bubble top Impala, Phil Silver's 48 Ford Deluxe convertible, Smiler Groggins 57 Fairlane 500 and the 56 Ford Victoria that Don Knotts drove in the movie. 


If all the stars line up, hopefully Atlantis has the Revell Imperial that I can build from.

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