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(PICS) My brother, Larry's, somewhat amazing one and a half year project...a 1/12 scale Zil 130 short wheelbase dump truck (in his own words)

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I've always admired dual rear wheeled trucks, but my taste has often been offbeat ....sometimes leading to the accumulation of information on vehicles that are not typically seen in North America.
Before Putin destroyed Russia's reputation, I enjoyed watching Russians taking pride in their automotive history, restoring vehicles, and even producing many outstanding 1/43 , 1/24, and 1/8 scale models.
Russian ZIL 130 trucks, produced from the mid '60s until the mid '90s had a good deal of Western design influence...wrap around windshields, V8 motors, etc. Over the last few years, I collected copious reference material of those Zil 130 trucks ...including careful dimensions, specifications, and photos, etc.
Just before the Covid 'pandemic', and long before the upsetting current Russian aggression, I'd purchased a KingKong large ZIL rock-climbing Radio Controlled toy, minus all of its electrical and mechanical RC components, with the intention of converting it into a high detail static model. Using my previously acquired dimensional reference, I was able to easily adjust the toy's proportions to 1/12 scale and, using SOLDERED BRASS, proceeded to fabricate that iconic Russian dump body... with posable dump hydraulics, working tailgate with its actuating gate-locking mechanism, and including its chassis support cross members. Using a laminated STYRENE plastic block and my rotary tool, I carved a simulated engine and formed its copious accessories. The 100% scratch-built engine and engine compartment include a STYRENE firewall with all its simulated electrical components. BRASS was used for simulated wiring, inner fender wells, operating hood hinges, radiator, etc. The bell housing, transmission, power take-off (PTO), and drive-shaft safety brake are also scratchbuilt in STYRENE, as are the rear axle air-brake housings.
The interior is 100% fabricated, using STYRENE for seats, inner door panels, dashboard with gauge panel, defroster vents, etc. The fabricated STYRENE floor has the simulated raised seat mount, ribbed floor mat, pedals, gear shift and safety brake leavers. BRASS was used for the opening glove box door, passenger side dash grab-handle, knobs, and steering column, etc.
The cab exterior features BRASS operable roof vents, opening door vent windows, and hood hinges, etc. STYRENE was used for the engine hood's inner ducting form, attached trumpet horns, and embossed front 'logo' graphics.
Beyond the previously noted BRASS cross members, the chassis additionally now features many fabricated BRASS accessories.... including air pressure reservoir tanks, all air and hydraulic plumbing (lines), a hydraulic fluid reservoir, battery box, dual exhaust headers funneling into a single muffler/tail pipe assembly, and a functioning steering wheel activated steering box with prototypical universal joints, pitman-arm, and drag-link. Paint is mostly Tamiya flat blue base-coat and automotive two part clear-coat, Tamiya semi gloss black (chassis), and Dupli-color silver (engine, transmission, etc.). Further small details are picked out using assorted Tamiya, Testors and Humbrol brush paints, etc.
Materials used include STYRENE and ABS plastics, ALUMINUM (frame rails and polished door handles), SOLDERED BRASS (dump body, cab roof vents, and assorted chassis components), RUBBER (tires), POLYCARBONATE (windows), STEEL (fasteners and axles), EPOXY (tail light lenses), etc.






















Glove box closed


Glove box opened









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Another truly amazing model from you Larry! I've had the pleasure of watching you build a couple of models of this type now and I'm still amazed and left wondering just how a lot of it is done.

The base engine is a fine replica in itself, especially having been hewn from  a solid chunk of styrene! The large scale of this model lends itself to (and begs for) more detail, but the addition of so many operable features really puts it 'over the top'. Just check out those hood hinges! The precision of your scratch-building and the great paint finishes are always super impressive. Excellent photos too. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

Until then, thanks for posting it!



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A truly spectacular model of equally spectacular POS of a truck in real life. I grew up around these ZIL trucks and they are just on a different level bad. Pretty much like anything the russians tried to make. 

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