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70 Sox & Martin Cuda

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Did some work on the rear end this weekend. There are 6 kit parts… 54 total parts for the assembly  


I shaved off all the molded in bolts, sanded the U bolts off and started going at it with the pin vise. F7322593-E7A9-4FF4-A08F-01708CF20E85.thumb.jpeg.06f7d46b612916ea98aaec38cb6552be.jpeg4A2F8411-C1C1-474D-AA0C-157B768BD6A5.thumb.jpeg.95746e5635fa8ade13c04543b16908e9.jpegA96A8721-0923-461B-9ADB-8BBD6807C547.thumb.jpeg.0e2ed882b335af07928af1e1cd689ba2.jpeg

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I couldn’t use the kit shocks, alum tube and Albion silver nickel tube, squished at the end, hole drilled then carefully sanded to make the ‘shock mount’. ??? 

and my 10 week old dog chillin like she owns the Chunky Lemmon Milk… 

                           -Kevin Malone - The Office 


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And my final update for the weekend…

I got the chrome on. I used Hasegawa’s Mirror Chrome, it’s like stretchy rubber chrome tape, hard to explain. This was my first time using it. Learned a lot and it’ll be better next time. 

All the wires ran and touch up painted. Radiator got work, etc etc. too much to mention. It’s coming along and hope to be done soon, my mind is already on my next build.  😳9B5344FC-B6F5-4FD7-B843-B1D64B75E489.thumb.jpeg.268cd88f496114ebb7965ab3e0cdf51f.jpegD247F2A6-8BB9-4761-8329-8A9100274D64.jpeg.f9e7a392539549f08d6450747b2e2921.jpegB50A3241-1481-4ADB-A906-33C72C529A40.thumb.jpeg.0f4133b450c1af026df3faae8bfc45c3.jpeg15D1744D-CCCF-4BEF-8741-5CC5B29A4829.thumb.jpeg.8a7d9d9a7c68a50baaa1c5e42a499510.jpegF33986F6-A52A-48EF-9E79-34DC89260A32.thumb.jpeg.03e8fca46d4d9c2bfd33e24f20f76339.jpeg

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Nice work, Sox & Martin is one of my favourite subjects.
I would have shaved off some material of the wheel arches as they looks to be a bit too large and maybe scribed in some more detail to the headers, but you have done a good job so far and it will be a nice model when it's done.

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For those still watching, the tires and wheels were a struggle. Kit tires were shameful. Found some slicks on eBay, also bought about $300 in other slicks just to find out the $8 ones on eBay were the trick. 

Splash paints, thank you for making my colors all the time, within hours of my request! :)



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15 hours ago, Pierre Rivard said:

This is simply outstanding in detailing and particularly in the various paint finishes that look so realistic.

Can you provide info about your sources for the various type fasteners?


Thank you everyone for your kind comments! As we all know it brings us all motivation to build each other up. The bolts I use are all insect pins from Japan, I buy them 100 in a pack for $5. If one goes flying across the room i don’t have to freak out because I just lost a dollar! I’ll post a picture of the brand if you’re all interested. Let me know…

Albion metals is a UK company, Sprue Brothers is the only place in America that Stocks their stuff, that I know of. It’s tubing so small you need magnifiers to work with it. 

The final game changer for me was buying every single Hozan tweezer I could find. They are superb tools usually used in labs, but for detail work there are no better.

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