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Mustang Shelby 68 Thomas Crown

Gustavo Reis

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Another movie car. The GT500 Shelby from the Thomas Crown movie. The kit is from AMT with removed top. The wheels ate the closest I could find watching the movie.

The TV show Gasmonkey also made a real replica.20190505_194244.thumb.jpg.e32b49945a331c7a349a29364fd1168d.jpg20190505_193855.thumb.jpg.0adcf908e78c0062ce977a1e4610aaf2.jpg20190505_193941.thumb.jpg.26ae7181771d70d1c713072b910174fa.jpg

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Very nice.  The convertible is a tough conversion to do on this kit.   Motortrend has a good article about the original car which was a 67 GTA with 68 Shelby fiberglass.  The car pictured below is neither the original car or the Gas Monkey one but a tribute one made in 2015.  The movie car has two guages visible in the 2nd picture below which I had not noticed before.





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Great looking Mustang. The first thing I thought of was the Gas Monkey car since I would see it so often when watching the show. All of the added trim looks just like the photos of the real car. 

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Cool! Great build! And thanks for the history lesson guys 😀 I have not seen the movie, only the GMG replica and never knew where the idea came from, liked the looks of it! Great!

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