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What body is the S'cool Bus based on?

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I realize that it's fictional, but I was thinking of trying to redo it into an actual school bus. I'm having a tough time trying to find what prototype brand comes closest to the bus body. Blue Bird, Wayne, Crown?

Any clues?


The beak is pretty close to a Chevy C60. If I can rebuild the rest to something true to accurate. 

I know this will be a major undertaking. 

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The body is pure generic, the front sheet metal is Chevy but far from stock.  I have looked at the same project. I found the window area kinda stock but the body is channeled. It might be more work to convert it than build from scratch. 

I did convert one into a flat nose bus.........



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Probably doesn't match any particular maker exactly.  I think Daniel got the inspiration from a CAR MODEL magazine two-part article from a couple of years earlier.  Phil Jensen scratchbuilt a drag version school bus using a balsa wood body and the frame from an Aurora 1/32 scale fire truck kit.  Jensen's bus had the four Pontiac engine setup from a Revell Mickey Thompson Challenger I kit.

As for the S'cool Bus front clip...while at GM (for a short time) in their styling studio, a young designer came up with a facelift idea for the '62 Chevy trucks.  The '62 hood was cleaner and also a lot cheaper to make than the '60-'61 hood.  After a short time with GM, Tom Daniel left Detroit for California, where he'd been while in the Navy.

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I think scale would also be an issue as it is a tick small for a bus. Furthering....

On 7/1/2022 at 5:18 AM, Dave Van said:

It might be more work to convert it than build from scratch. 


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