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My International Transtar CO-4070A

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Finally finished up this build.  I have not built a big rig for at least 10 years, and I found this kit to be challenging but really enjoyable to work on.  Very little flash, good fits and very detailed throughout.  I bought 2 of them and glad I did.  I think I will get all of the painting done on the 2nd one while the good weather is here and then build it at a leisurely pace during the winter.  The only modification I did on this one is to shorten the frame 1".  As others have stated I thought the concept of a cabover was to get a shorter OAL so that a longer trailer (payload) would be possible.

During my 35 year career as a special machine designer I had several opportunities to work on high production transfer machines for Detroit Diesel (Mostly for their Series 60 engine) so I couldn't really paint this engine any color except Detroit Diesel green.  Even though I have been retired for over 20 years the loyalty is still there.

Intl Transtar 1a.JPG

Intl Transtar 1b.JPG

Intl Transtar 1c.JPG

Intl Transtar 1d.JPG

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Looks fantastic, nice and simple. Great color too! One of my favorite kits to do. Also neat story with the 60 series. It's one of my favorite engines that they've produced. I'm glad to have worked on them myself too! 

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Nice job! I went with green on my engine too.

According to the literature I found, only the turbo engines were red. The non-turbos were green. And seeing as how this one does not have a turbo...


Anyway, I like it. The shortened frame definitely suits the truck. I should have done that too.




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