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Folgers #25 Tim Richmond Monte Carlo 1/24 scale Monogram


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As mentioned in another recent post, this year's plan was to chip away at the 'shelf of doom' and move along some projects that have stalled over the years.  This one was close to completion after some experiments with enamels and acrylics, as I tend to stick mostly to lacquer for body finishes.  I wondered how Future would work over the Testors bottled enamel, and the result was pretty disappointing.  The Future didn't seem to want to stick to the slick surface of the cured enamel.  It was even more strange when the red enamel seemed to bleed through some of the decals after clearing it with the acrylic Future.  As mentioned, it was close enough to being finished that I stopped fretting over the failed experiment that I just went ahead and slapped it together.  It looks decent enough on the shelf, and generally I build factory stock street cars rather than NASCAR or other racers, so it's refreshing to break out of the habit every now and again.  It's the third NASCAR kit I've managed to cobble together and I'm happy for the cleared space on the project shelf - a win/win!  Thanks for looking, and cheers!

IMG_0329 (2).jpg

IMG_0334 (2).jpg

IMG_0335 (2).jpg

IMG_0341 (2).jpg

IMG_0332 (2).jpg

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I will never forget with much surprise I read in a Road and Track American magazine bought at an airport to fill layover time that this car with windows installed and some basic duct tape and cover this or that modifications made about 240 miles per hour in a comparison to a Porsche 956 or 962 which was considerably less fast. To someone who never grew up seeing this type of car or racing it made a very large impression

The model looks just as recall the cover of that magazine. Nicely completed. 

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