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Tamiya Mclaren M23 1/20

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This is built from the re-issued orange box kit to which I added the Tamiya photo-etch set and after-market cigarette sponsor decals from MSM Creation. The exterior was airbrushed using red and white McLaren colors Zero base paints. All of the kit chromed parts were oven cleaner stripped and re-metallized using Alclad over black lacquer. The remaining parts were painted using airbrushed Tamiya acrylics per the instruction call-outs. This is the first kit that I have clear coated using airbrushed Mr Color “Super Clear UV Cut” lacquer and self-leveling thinner (50/50) which, unlike Tamiya TS-13 clear coat that I’ve used on past builds, had no effect on the decals - I’m sold! I added MFH fuel lines and additional black shrink tubing oil cooler lines and fittings and seat belt material from Tuner Model Manufactory (unfortunately I only had black, they should be blue).

This kit went together seamlessly until I installed the roll bar and support after which the cockpit and engine cover location pins refused to fit into the mating holes on the lower body shell. I was able to fix this by removing plastic from the rear white crossmember on the cockpit cover which was interfering with the front of the roll bar. Otherwise typical Tamiya smooth going.

I like building classic race cars that I actually saw race in the period - this one with James Hunt and Jochen Mass driving in Long Beach in ‘77. Between these 1/20 Tamiya seventies F1 kits and the 60’s -70’s 1/20 kits from Ebbro and Hasegawa, I have built seven thus far and have another 8 - 9 in my stash. Even built OOTB, I find this 1/20 scale ideal for creating detailed models of these classic racing machines without taking up a lot of shelf space (or box space in the closet in my case!). Hope you like this one.

Cheers, John

















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Correction, I've built nine of these 1/20 scale F1 kits to date and have ten more in my stash!  Like some guys keep building Me109's, I seem to have an addiction to 1/20 F1's and 1/25 sixties super stocks. What a fun hobby!


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Absolutely gorgeous John. Superb detailing and attention to details (like the subtle tide lettering weathering)

Your clear coat selection seems perfect for a period racer. Looks like a satin finish right?

I have the Lotus 72 and the 2 Tyrells in my stash and have yet to take the plunge on one of these more advanced builds. Your build will be a benchmark to follow. Well, well done sir!

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