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352 110 and water tanker.

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I wanted a different tanker, something other than petroleum, and have some friends that work for TMWA, in Reno, so, this is the result.

Very basic, just an after-cooler 3406A, WFL 22” wheels, Revell 359 exhaust, and lots of cutting up Patriot decals.



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Man that is one beautiful rig! I like your a/c unit! I like your modifications to the Cat as well. I have one of those coolers that think that I am going to put on a B motor. Your paint scheme looks amazing. The grill and the work around the headlights go along way in making this one look real. Excellent work all around.

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My thanks to all who looked and took the time to reply. I appreciated the comments.

Brian, I will have to take a close up of the a/c unit. I figured out, 1/350th scale, 4 blade ship propellers, look just like the stamped steel fan blades in these units. Also, H-O scale photo etched locomotive exhaust grilles, are a passable facsimile to the debris screens. Viewed from above, there are fans in the unit.

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