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R model Mack garbage truck Finished

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We've been cleaning out yrs of stuff, and after sorting thru 5 boxes of random parts..realized I had enough for another build ! Theres a few missing bits, but the major parts are present. The R model frame will require the usual stretch, then I'll fish plate the frame to strengthen it. Hope everyone will join this clean out build ! 

I'm scratchbuilding the 25 yd rear loading garbage packer.  Photos from a buddy gave me valuable info about the interior, and major dimensions. 

First up is the frame already stretched out. I added 1 3/4 inch channel after the cut, with a scrap strip crossing the splice to tie both ends together. Its a tick small, but future work will fix that.  


I made test patterns from paper, then transferred over to .030 sheet. Usually my builds use .040 for strength,  but I wanted a thinner material,  and the support ribs will suffice. 20220716_103803.thumb.jpg.4de5497c1845f9e129dd6a733c217f12.jpg

Each side gets a stepped floor, w a trough running down the center for the pusher ram that empties the container. I cut sheet then added angle to reinforce the joint20220716_114316.thumb.jpg.0e18174725b510be50b7975d9984581b.jpg


More to follow ! Any suggestions or feedback welcome ! 

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Very cool. I will also be watching. BTW, if you wait another month or so, the Gar-Wood packer will be on the shelves(or Internet). I love to scratch build, but the kit would save a bit of time and a lot of styrene. 

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4 hours ago, Oldmopars said:

Very cool. I will also be watching. BTW, if you wait another month or so, the Gar-Wood packer will be on the shelves(or Internet). I love to scratch build, but the kit would save a bit of time and a lot of styrene. 

I thought about that,but wanted something more modern w the Mack.


4 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Great minds must think alike!😀 I just started an R-Model as well. It is not near as complex as yours will be though. Nice start on what I am sure will be a great project!

Pics or it didnt happen lo !  Thanks,theres a mountain of work ahead but looking forward to the challege


7 hours ago, yh70 said:

off to a great start..

thanks ! 


On 7/16/2022 at 5:24 PM, Warren D said:

Will be interested to follow this.

Thanks, yours really inspired the project .  Finding a nearly intact kit moved this to the front 


On 7/16/2022 at 6:13 PM, Rockford said:

Very inventive.  Looking forward to following this. 


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11 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Going to be another awesome build Jeff. Looking forward to seeing how you scratch build the garbage packer. 

Thanks Dan !  I'm scouring auction sites and videos for shots of the parts. 

I actually realized I incorrectly measured the container height from the drawings. I forgot to account for the frame rails underneath.  Before getting too far ahead, decided to pop the top off, and the outside ribs and remove the mistake.  It was only a 1/4" high, but looks better overall now.

Here's the before photo. 


Now after cutting the height down..fits the drawings much closer..and I can add the rubs back 20220718_203657.jpg.f6746277ca7a988336a1fd31179821d4.jpg

Mock up sitting on popsicle stick frame rails.  I'm glad I spent the time correcting now..the mismatch would've effected the tailgate fit .


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Whew the squirrels almost derailed this project when I was sorting thru boxes. I found this forgotten trade box, and immediately thought this would make a killer garbage truck... thats the long hauler chassis tucked under the packer 20220721_160838.thumb.jpg.40692e7378d63c426d7f8ad4fced27df.jpg


But the kitten chased them away and I got back to working on the Bulldog build again whew crisis averted .

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Started detailing the tailgate sides this morning. Trying to mirror both sides, when their tear shaped proved challenging..but ya can only see one at a time lol. 

The side plates keep the hopper from going into the packer box, and include a  " tire shield " . Safely 1st !  The step for the rider on the back will be deck plates from moluminum, I haven't found anything else as convincing and easy to use.



mock up of its final spot 20220723_100756.thumb.jpg.82d758f6dff64d62a1f947f12c90a39b.jpg

We're off for a drive and picnic before the summer heat makes us hide inside w ac running.  I'll finish the box bracing tonite after a lfs trip..and hopefully get the tailgate belly wrapped

Thanks for following 

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Posted (edited)
On 7/22/2022 at 9:10 PM, Mopar - D said:

I’m glad to see that the kitten came to the rescue for the Mack! 

Lol those hairy rats are pretty viscous but our new tabby kitten  stepped up. He's a couple months old and absolutely a riot

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Tossed some more plastic together this weekend,  started building the push out plate. After a couple try agains..I had a suitable pusher. I really fought getting the angles right on the sled the plate attaches too, and still functional to slide out making painting easier . Id really like to add the angled horn onto the pusher before closing things up. 




Inside view showing the pusher at home waiting for its turn emptying out the container 20220730_133854.thumb.jpg.e93fee9d3aeaa14360912268b769f859.jpg

While the glue cured i also worked on the tailgate ribs, these really helped tighten up the curved area 



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10 hours ago, CabDriver said:

Beautiful scratchbuilding!  Super clean work, too (for a garbage truck 🤪)

Thanks ! Good thing about tamiya glue , conceals easy but the fingerprints stick around lol 


3 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Nice work on the pusher Jeff. I know what you mean about the angles lol. 

Thanks Dan  math was never a popular subject in school making this way more challenging. 

Crossed off another milestone,  getting the tailgate hinges working. A few tabs from scrap bits and a roughed in hinge profile from the scaled drawing , and it actually works ! 


I need to clean up the attachment, and the cover panel running over the roof still. Turned out a little crooked , but what garbage truck isn't a little twisted !!

Started work on the meat of the packer after dinner last night. Photos showed several options, I chose one w the wide teeth for more bite visually. Watching videos of the cycle helped catch details i still need to add. Most of the layout was done w a popsicle stick and channel for spacing lol20220731_203543.thumb.jpg.7fd1b428e8f5783617a21451ac1ee78b.jpg



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Jeff is this the plate for compacting the trash? I found using paper cut to match my pieces helped to verify my angles and saved me some time seeing paper was quick and easy to use. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress Jeff. 

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@Mopar - D- yep  thats the plate that pulls the trash into the container for compaction. 

Thanks for tip about paper patterns, I'll use that idea for the next section

7 hours ago, Rockford said:

That's impressive work. Unbelievable detail!

Thanks..lots of pics and video screen grabs help


9 hours ago, kuhnj said:

Looks awesome!

Thanks , yours won't be far behind 

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