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Revell 1/16 GM 3rd-Gen kits (1987 GTA Re-release Soon!)

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I apologize if this sort of thread exists, I did a rudimentary search but didn't find anything.

So if you don't know, Revell is re-releasing their 1/16 1987 Firebird GTA in the near future. (pic courtesy @niteowl7710)



Revell has made a few versions of this kit, in both Camaro and Firebird versions.

1982 brought the first kits, Camaro Z28 and Firebird (Trans Am).



The next year, Revell released the Camaro Berlinetta and Firebird S.E.



Now here's where things split (according to Scalemates), 1987 they release the Camaro IROC, but don't release the Firebird GTA until 1993.



At least in the GTA version, they took a few liberties and didn't update some parts so it's not 100% correct for 1987 (one thing I can think of is still having the T10 4-speed vs the correct T5 5-speed (or automatic)

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Both the IROC and the GTA were issued in 1986 or 1987; maybe the '1993' refers to the GTA's last year of issue?

I had the 1982 and 1983 Camaro kits back in the day. I had lots of fun building them; the only Revell kits I'd even touch back then.

From what I'm able to remember, the IROC and GTA aren't without their flaws-in-accuracy -- and concurrently, not without their strong points (the Gatorback tyres were pretty nice, from what I recall... I never built either of these late eighties kits, so I can't attest to that personally).
If accuracy is of little to no concern, and one merely desires something that looks the part prima facie, then these'll be perfect.

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