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Chevy "LONGHORN" (camper special) pickup bed.

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        While looking at some old chevy camper brochures, I can see a splice at the front of the bed with added length and was wondering if there was any added on splices to the back of the bed that I can't see??   looks a little long in the back too.           THANKS

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The "Longhorn" edition was Chevy's answer to the "Camper Special" by Ford (or was it the other way around?). Wheelbase was lengthened to increase load capacity for a big camper on the back.

Looking at the pictures, it appears the additional length was added only in the front of a longbed box. Doesn't look like the back end was any longer.

Curious if the pocket door on the side was for a spare tire like it was on the Ford? Maybe too small.  

Long Horn edition. 




F350 Camper Special. 


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8 hours ago, sfhess said:

I'm pretty sure the compartment on the Longhorn bed side is a storage/tool compartment.  You might get a small donut tire in there.

Longhorn came out in 68 it was on a 3/4 ton or 1 ton chassis cab frame . the wheel base was 6 inches longer and the frame rails were larger than a pick up chassis and only had leaf springs

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