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1/8 Scale Lotus 72c -3d Printed

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I finished up the paint and gold trim.  Not the best, but good enough for my limited painting skills.  I glued the radiators in place, and here are a few pictures of them.




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The headers were modeled and printed in one piece.  This is one of the advantages of 3d printing; the part does not have to be removed from a mold.  Each tube lines up correctly as they were modeled.


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20 minutes ago, cobraman said:

What a cool project of a very cool car. It looks terrific !  Quite a bit different than working on a 1/25 scale model.

Yes!  My eyes won't let me build 1/24 anymore.. without making a mess.  

Here are the fuel injection and ignition parts fresh off the printer.  I'll be plumbing and wiring next week.



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just in case you were  wondering  -  this is at least as good as the old Entex 72 - and probably a little better ...

trust me - I know ...

and I very much prefer the cigarette maker livery  -  which is weird because I am devoutly anti-tobacco ... 


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Today, I managed to make a little progress.  I made the fuel lines from extruded yellow pla filament.  Maybe it's too yellow, but I couldn't find anything else laying around that I could use.  The lines are a bit translucent, which was a fortunate accident.

I painted and glued the inside of the wheels into place, and then permanently glued the wheels and tires on the suspension.

Also glued the roll bar in place as well as the rear wing "w" brace.







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