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1940 Ford Sedan Delivery Pro Street

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I picked this kit up at Hobby Lobby while traveling through Ownensboro Ky a couple weeks ago.  I thought it would make a nice Pro Street as I've seen others do it so here we go fellows.  The Big ole meats would already fit in the fender but needed just a little more clearance.  Then of coarse the axle had to be shortend, frame & body had to be heavily modified.  I cut the old Banjo rearend down to fit between the Big ole meats and all is looking good.  The ole boy that's running this on the street has beefed up the ring and pinion and axles to stand up the the hp being put out from the engine in the business end.  I got some of the engine painted and assembled.  The bug catcher that is supplied in the kit leaves a little bit to be desired.  I found a much better one in the junk yard.    









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16 minutes ago, bill-e-boy said:

Looks like a neat project Bob. I did something similar to a coupe a number of years ago but used narrower rear tires that fit into the uncut wheel wells 

Thanks Bill.  I like the Pro Street look with the Big ole meats.

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29 minutes ago, TooOld said:

That's gonna be cool Bob ,  I also like the big ole meats in the rear ! 

Is that yellow blob really the scoop that came in the kit !?!?!   If so they really blew that one .

Thanks Bob.  Yup, same one that comes in the Coupe that I finished not to long ago.

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I got my rear shock towers built, coils wrapped with wire, and installed.  I modified the hood hinges out of the 67 Chevelle Pro Street kit.  I also did a trial fit of the bucket seats out of the 67 Chevelle kit and they look pretty good.  






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