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Mack R-Model Hammill Construction

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This is a model of a truck from my past. From the time that I was 20 until I was 40, I usually worked two jobs. Hammill Construction was one of those second jobs in my 20s. I worked as a car mechanic during the day for the best part of 25 years at the same garage. This was a second job as a truck mechanic. I started my first job at 7am and went straight to the second job when I got off. This was one of those evenings after a hot 90 some degree day. Most of the fleet normally pulled short Fruehauf dumps similar to the model kit. This truck was one of the few that normally pulled a Red River live bottom belt dump. We worked outside on a concrete pad because of the heat. I was simply servicing  trucks and had done several that evening which were hooked to the short dumps. The wash shed was at a 90 degree angle from where I was working. After finishing this particular truck at about 1am, I backed off of the pad and started my turn just like I had done all evening, but this time my trailer was a bit longer. As soon as I checked my mirror, I heard a loud crack. The rear fender on the trailer had caught the corner 6x6 post holding up the roof of the wash shed. The whole wash shed didn’t come down but the corner of the roof was sure hanging down almost to the ground. We took the loader and lifted the roof back up and got a temporary post under it until the next day. No, I didn’t get fired, but it was a learning experience for sure. And yes, it would have made a great video for Bonehead Truckers.

I am pretty happy that this build captured the look of the real thing. I put the twin sticks in this one as the real one had a twin stick 6 speed. The wheels and tires are from Jamie at Moluminum. A special thanks to Charles Rowley for making the decals. Photo etch is from Detail Master.


















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19 hours ago, Jim B said:

Fantastic looking Mack.  Very well done.

Thanks Jim!!

18 hours ago, Doug 1061 said:

Very nice. I like that used but not abused look.

 Thanks Doug! This was one of the best looking trucks of the fleet.

18 hours ago, Warren D said:

Looks good.  I like the PE grille, really takes it to another level!

 Thanks Warren!! I like this grill as well!

18 hours ago, Engine 51 said:

That’s a real beauty!

 Thanks Joe!

17 hours ago, Force said:

Very nice.

 Thanks Force!!

17 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Awesome details Brian! Beautiful looking Mack. 

 Thanks Dan!!

13 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Awesome build!

 Thanks Larry!!

9 hours ago, yh70 said:

you did a Awesome Job on the Mack..

 Thanks Dave!

2 hours ago, The Brush said:

Fantastic job with this, Great finish & the right amount of weathering make this stand out.


 Thanks Graham!! 


2 hours ago, gotnitro? said:

Awesome build and the weathering looks exceptional! 

Cool back story to tie everything together too

Curious whats the black spot on the drivers side headlight bezel

Thanks Jeff! The spot is an electrical connector cover. It is where you would plug in a drop cord for the block heater.

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Nice truck. Like the story. Don't feel too bad. My brother- in-law and I both worked at the same garbage refuse company back when we were in our early twenties. I drove rear end loader and he drove roll offs. One account was a glass company where you drove inside the building for pickup. One day my brother-in-law for some reason forgot to lower the roll off after picking it up. He sure was reminded when he was suddenly stopped by the overhead ceiling of the garage opening. He also didn't get fired. 

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