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Edelbrock TR-1

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Does anyone cast or print (I can't believe the quality with 3D printing now) these? Years ago, someone cast one for me...and it went bye bye with all my models and parts back in 2009 (Man, I've been out of this for over a decade, when did I start measuring time by decades?).


An idea of what they look like...


Charles Erickson 


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On 8/8/2022 at 7:26 PM, Force said:

That intake manifold can't be that difficult to make from kit parts and some styrene stock.

I agree. I'd start with this dual quad from Competition resins. Cut the middle out, and make a box from some 4x2mm styrene stock glued together then glue the carb section back on.

It won't be an exact replica but neither will anything else you find.

Btw, what engine would this be for?


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5 hours ago, Calb56 said:

Texas 3D Customs is going to print this with his 327 sbc.

I'm pretty excited about this, his work looks great!

Edited cuz I can't thumb type.

So not really a 327 exclusively but yes I will, not sure when I will get to it though. I am working on some ITB intakes for the SBC right now.

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