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Instruction sheet BLOOPERS

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I've been trying to prove to myself that 'kit instructions in the old days didn't have these problems', and so far I haven't found much worth bringing to this forum.  BUT,

if you look at the suggestions for 'Customizing' a regular 3-in-1 kit, I think the god-awful ideas shown there would be so stinky that no one would look farther for Bloopers.  Even about 1959, when I started spending 'way too much loot for car kit (leaving airplanes, ships, and military behind!) the 'speed and custom equipment' included was mostly behind the trends, gauche, and not very useable to even a 14-year-old maven.  What was 'suggested' went a long way to retarding our (my) taste in car mods, and it took a couple of seasons for that to sink in!  AMT and later Revell subsidized a number of 'customizers' of note to make the contributions, and George Barris was the worst offender; did he really LIKE the ideas he promulgated, or was it all a big consultant-fee chuckle for him?  An exception, sometimes: the decal sheets still don't look too bad!  I M Humble O   Wick

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