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'78 Ford Bronco rode hard.....

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Ever since I acquired this built-up AMT Wild Hoss Bronco years ago I've wanted to dirty it up a bit; something I don't normally do.  After looking at some pics of Terry Jessee's work (the Master) I thought I would give it a try.  

It was primed with Tamiya red primer, followed by AS-15 to simulate the factory tan, then a coat of Testors Glosscoat for a semi-faded look.   The paint was later sanded down in spots exposing the primer to represent heavy wear/fading.  The original builder got a few glue smudges on the body; some of those were touched up with thinned Testors rust enamel after painting along with a few little nicks and scratches I dug into the body.....now I had chips and dings. 

The engine/chassis was painted and assembled factory-stock style then treated to a heavy wash of rust paint in some areas and thinned flat black in others (oil seepage etc).  The fuel tank was heavily rusted using real rust from a steel wool pad and Testors Dullcoat.   The tires were aged in a similar manner using fireplace ash.

After final assembly, I dusted the underhood area using crushed/sifted dirt from the garden, sealed with dullcoat.

Finally....I "drove" it down a dirt road (Tamiya TS-90).....covering up a lot of my previous weathering (oh well!).

I'm not 100% pleased with the end result; it's a bit heavy-handed. but it was fun.       









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54 minutes ago, Goose1957 said:

Nice looking Bronco. The weathering looks great. Nice touch on the windshield. I can't wait for the re-pops to arrive. I want to build several of them.


Ditto! 😎

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Great work. Looks like a lot of cars did in Phoenix AZ, after one of the famous "Monsoon" rainstorms. Out in the desert around the city, this is what many of the cars looked like on the muddy, dirt roads.

You've done well. It does not look 'Heavy-Handed' to me.

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