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Another PaddyWagon,kind of.

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This will be the 3rd Monogram PaddyWagon I've done a little different. The first one I did NYPD style ,the second was a courtesy vehicle so since I had another builder to do I decided on something with an open bed. Another figure it out as I go project. First was to cut away the back area. All the gold plating came off in really good shape so I may not have to remove any.



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I needed a cab back wall and on the kit the pleated area faced rear, so I cut out a window and flipped the wall so the pleats are in the cab. Cut out the front axle pins and drilled new holes raising them some to drop the front lower. Added a floor in back from a Ford pickup. Not sure what to do with the bed.... stake body maybe, not sure.





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Final choice , I re-thought the truck bed and decided on the J/F resin tanker. I think this color choice sets of all the gold & brass parts. Im at a slow roll on this until the resin tank comes in.20220815_144356.thumb.jpg.6ebf0ec8573b89440678e163d56deb1b.jpg




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Without the rear resin tank unit from J/F thos is about as far asI can go. I can put all the flashy pieces on but I would rather not have to pull them back off.. if problems arise. I also want to BMF the bed in gold but again I would rather have the resin tank first.






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This looks interesting. Great idea cutting the cab and making it like a truck. Puts the "how-come-I-didn't-think-of-that smile" on my face. 

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I like the look as is. You might think about making a nice looking four corner mounting set up so you can display it with or without the bed however you like.  

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