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Anyone remember Line Mar Toys? 1957 Ford Sedan Delivery- restored -and 3 turned into Del Rios


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These are old Line Mar toys made in Japan about the time of the real cars. They made many toys that weren't very accurate but these Fords were quite well done other than having overly large wheels and tires. They had a friction motor too. Their 58 Lincoln was another nice one. I have a couple.

The Sedan Delivery is one I restored back in the 80's keeping it simple other than detailing some of the chrome.

More recently I found 3 more of these  (see first photo)  and decided to turn them into Del Rios as I like wagons. I did them all together but finished the blue one first. I wasn't going to add vent windows but changed my mind on the second two, also detailing the hubcaps. Wheels and tires are from Racing Champions 57 Rancheros.  Side windows are clear sheet styrene.

I have many more original and restored/detailed small scale diecasts (Hubley Real Toys/ Real Types, Siku, Husky, to name a few). If there is interest I will post some of them.

I forgot to mention I made the tailgate emblems.

As always, all comments or questions are welcomed.  -Rich







DSC01497 (2).JPG



DSC01469 (2).JPG


DSC01455 (2).JPG

DSC01455 (3).JPG

DSC01461 (2).JPG

DSC01462 (2).JPG

DSC01498 (2).JPG


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On 8/12/2022 at 3:03 PM, larman said:

Very cool little models, your restos look great! A little trivia: LineMar Toys were Marx toys manufactured in Japan to reduce costs, I believe.

Thanks for mentioning that, Larry. You can see the resemblance to the Marx logo in the chassis photo.

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