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Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupe Revell

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This one took me a while; I've started this project basically as we moved into our current home, a bit more than 2 years ago. I have been basically working on this project exclusively and I think it took me a year and a half to get the body and bodywork nicely and correct. Even though it is a great kit, the body is quite a work to get it nicely done. Especially in such a way that everything will be able to be put together.

But, here we are, 2 years later and the results are in... I think it came out quite ok.

The paint is Zero (bought just before it was being shipped to mainland Europe) and the interior is beige. The steering wheel is a PE/Wood kit (almost 80 dollars) and turns out very nice.

















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I also thought it was a real car at the first photo. Those wheels look like real, so we know they did not come in the kit for sure. 

You put a lot of effort into the body and it definitely shows. Your model has better fitment than the real cars now. 

Awesome job, Erik. 

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I agree with everyone else on the quality photos. The paint looks very smooth, and I like the different color than what you usually see this kit done in. The close-up photos show the attention to the fine trim detailing. 

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2 hours ago, 1959scudetto said:

Nice build of the big ex-Monogram 1/8 Jaguar E-type - where did you geht the wheels from?

By the title, I assumed it was the 1/25 Revell kit. But I knew the windshield and wheels looked much better than that kit. Now I see the details that identify it as the 1/8 scale version.

Build execution and photography make it look awesome. Congrats!

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3 hours ago, Rich Chernosky said:

WOW...I am completely humbled.  I built this kit and posted it here, but it hardly compares to yours. The photography is over the top and I really like those wheels.  The color is perfect too.......now, if we could see that steering wheel..????

Didn't see the tags....Its 1/8,     not 1/24 

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