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A Bull Terrier Poised

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You've all seen the show dogs on television having to be "poised", their chin up and their tail straight out behind them........ This is a bull terrier standing 'poised'....


My Bull Terrier is doing just fine, by the way! She's in about her 11th year, been with me for 5.5 years........


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Thanks, Guys! :D

I've learned a Bunch in the time that she's been with me..... I had to pick one of the more challenging dogs as my first one on my own! She's past all the antics, now she's more a love sponge............

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Cute pups. I prefer King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and don’t regret them. My first was a tricolor - they’re known as Princes; my current is a Black and Tan - they’re known as Kings . I do have a soft spot for German Shepherds but the missus don’t want a big dog. As a kid, there was a full grown male neighborhood wanderer German Shepherd, named Sparky from his collar who befriended me, my sister and a couple neighborhood kids. Always waited at the bus stop in the morning and after school. 

Whenever some neighborhood bully had an urge to start with me, guess who’s in front and center protecting me. Oh yeah, he was a big boy. Loved the dog even though he wasn’t mine. One day, I never saw him again. I still wonder to this day what happened to him.

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