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Mack B-81SX Done.

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Hi guys,

This is my first model to be submitted to this forum. It is a Mack B-81SX Dump truck in 1/25th scale. The cab/chassis is from the late Dave Natale of AITM, the dump body is a AMT Montone glue bomb, and the plow frame is from Ryan Pedone. It took about three years working on it part-time. Suggestions and comments welcome. The snowplow is actually two AMT Ford LNT Snowplow kits that were combined into one Valk snowplow moldboard (blade), increasing the blade height substantially. Cutting edge and nuts/ bolts added.


Bob (7).JPG

bob (13).JPG

Bob (4).JPG

Bob (11).JPG

Bob (10).JPG

Bob (2).JPG

Bob (3).JPG

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2 hours ago, James Maynard said:

Nice Mack. Are the rims and tires resin too? 

Thank you, James! Yes, the tires and rims are both resin, molded separately for ease of painting and assembly. You have a choice of sizes, these being 24 inch.


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11 hours ago, The Brush said:

Very nice Mack, looks beefy. Takes a bit of effort to get resin parts  looking good. well done. Will it have a plough?


Thank you, Graham! Yes it has a plow for winter snows (See additional photos). And yes, it does take some effort to get the resin parts ot look good.

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Looks good.  I'd like to make one suggestion, replace the tape pin striping with decals.  Microscale makes decal pin stripes in various colors and widths.  You can find these at model RR supply stores or on the net.  Some of the thinner stripes can be coerced to go around corners. 

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