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32 Chevy 5 Window coupe gasser.

alan barton

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On a trip to the USA back before COVID< I found a gluebombed Hubley '32 Chevy five window coupe in a Pomona antique mall for $20.  Couldn't leave it behind but wasn't quite sure what I would do with it.

The biggest problem is that these old Hubleys are around 1/20th scale and I had very few spare parts or donor kits to suit.  But then I got lucky.

While out shopping one evening I checked the toy rack in Target and found a Hot Wheels monster truck based on the old Twin Mill show car.  The wheels looked like they would work and as the toy was marked down to $5, I grabbed both copies off the peg.


A quick mock-up showed me that a gasser was the only way to go as those tyres were never going to let it hug the ground anyway! Sadly, these otherwise fantastic wheels and tyres are too big in diameter to fit the Hubley Model A Fords, just in case you were wondering.

The next win was that I still had an oversized engine from the Monogram S'cool Bus so even though a big block Chevy or a 409  would have been ideal, a Hemi would work fine!  The trick with building any of the Hubley cars is to hunt through your parts boxes for the biggest 1/24th or 1/25th scale parts you can find.  That's how I chose the Moon tank, hood scoop and parachute.  The best part is you end up using parts that are probably too big for a normal model! Win, win!

The headers are scratchbuilt from Evergreen and the headlights are the big set from the Revell Model A kits with an aluminium craft wire headlight bar..

Other than removing the fender spare tyre wells and filling some seams on the multi piece body, it did not take a lot of work to reach this result and I am very happy with it.

Hope you enjoy something different in the pits!










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