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1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup

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Been a long time since I built a hot rod. So here we are.

The cab and bed are from the AMT/Ertl reissue of the old MPC '29 Ford Woody/Pickup. The cab was modified to fit the firewall and interior from the Revell '29 Model A Roadster, and the bed was cut down. Speaking of the Revell Roadster, that's where pretty much everything under that cab and bed came from. The entire chassis from that kit was used, along with the radiator, grille shell, and headlights. The wheels and tires were donated by a Revell Rat Roaster. The kit's Chevrolet engine was swapped out for the 5.0/AOD combo from a Revell 1932 Ford street rod. It was capped off with the staggered dual quad intake and twin McCullough superchargers from the AMT Barris Surf Woody. The conical air filters are from Scenes Unlimited, and the hitch is from Scenes Unlimited. The blanks were filled in with minor scratchbuilding and kit parts. 


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Great use of the chassis and other spare parts , great looking pickup !  I forgot about the Rat Roadster tires , have to use them on a build one day . 

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