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One-Off Build #26 - Finished

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Time for a new One-Off Build 

This car is a forgotten Ford concept from 1968. It is called Ford Techna. Some automotive historians have said that the 1968 Techna could be the first vehicle to describe the term “concept” published by an American automaker. A technical report paper for the SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers also included the terms “Dream Car” or “Idea Car.” The Techna concept was created and designed to explore new approaches in engineering, including the areas of vehicle packaging and body construction. Ford Motor Company said, “The Techna is a functional engineering experimental car of the future, unveiled by Ford Motor Company. It features new ideals in safety, body and technology.”


The correct answer were sent in by:


Raoul Ross





Matt Bacon

Congratulation, well done!


One-off 26.jpg

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