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68-72 Suburban scratch build

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Decided to get started on this build tinkering before winter so I had a good start on it. I am building this from two Blazers, one being a built up donor, and the other a fresh kit.

After doing the math and measurements, I got enough material from each door of the donor to get my needed length. That's before I realized the Blazer kits are actually a bit short , so the overall length is very close. (In case anyone wants to criticize)

My thoughts on cutting the door the way I did, is that I got the necessary length of material, with minimal fill in at each bottom section while not completely ruining a second kit. The donor could be converted to a rock crawler or??IMG_20220731_082042183.thumb.jpg.7f66078e30f794003532a922b9f0920d.jpgIMG_20220731_180344019.thumb.jpg.217c84068d2643f882b27cc309a1f87e.jpgIMG_20220804_174724223.thumb.jpg.25fd4baaa61437c34dc3ab8098bd18f8.jpg


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1 hour ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

Wanting to see how you resolve the rear tailgate area. It should have a slight slope, not straight up and down like the pickup. 


Yes, well aware of the angle, that's part of the reason I didn't start with the pickup, not enough to work with...IMO.

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1 hour ago, dino246gt said:

Isn't the rear tailgate and liftgate the same as the Blazer?

I know they also had a door option, or that was standard, the tailgate/liftgate was probably the option?

Looks great so far though! Cheers

We had a '71 and a'72 in my family when I was a kid. Both had the van style rear doors. I believe that was the option and the tailgate was standard.

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