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Best kits for 68 'Stang and 67 GTO?

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I am so disappointed in any of the '68 Mustang kits, I've seen, especially the Bullitt version. I would think they could have done a much better kit for such an iconic car, it seems to me the just slapped the name on some ancient release. I have several of the '67 Mustang kits, and think they are very good kits. Just my 2 cents worth.

I think the Foose kits are the same way, you would think they could have done a much better job for such iconic vehicles...

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On 9/6/2022 at 5:20 PM, Andrew D the Jolly Roger said:

Sorry to keep beating this dead horse!

What about this (below), the AMT 68 Shelby? Could I build the intended vehicle (second pic below) with that, or would the Revell 68 still be the best body to use?

Apologies if this is a naive question....



Combine Shelby scoops to the 67 Mustang GT body and if you can fab up some side markers, you'd be pretty close without breaking the bank.

The rest are just incidentals. 

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