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Ponsse Elephant 1/25 (forwarder)

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Dont know if this even belongs here, if not please move it to the right section 

I have had this Emek Ponsse Elephant for a while now and always thougt that i should make it look less like a toy then it does.

I thougt it looked way to big for its scale in 1/25 but after looking up the dimensions on a real one it is a 1/25.

This is what i have planed as a load for the trailer that is going to be pulled by my K100 triaxle.

My plans are just to paint, fill out details make the grapple hook look like a real one to make it look less like a toy and add hydraulic lines to the crane and if i can get in to the cab without destroying it to add some details in there to.

Here it is out of the box without its load of logs that comes with it 




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     Pierre ,

                  i like your idea to make this toy into a more realistic model .  A bit of paint some hydraulic ,  lines and a touch of weathering .

Should do the trick . I will be following this to see what you do with it .


     Be Well


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