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Well this is my first WIP so here we go.

This is the base for a 1/25 1/24 old motorcycle repair shop I am building some of you might have seen. 

Some of the Bikes I put up a while back. The base and walls are wood the brick is a heavy embossed paper type material.

The back wall is balsa wood cut into planks, the lower block wall is a rubber type material used for railroad layouts.

It measures 15” x 8” x 8" tall witch is 14ft in scale like an old building would be, and will have a Plexiglas cover when done. Just got the planks glued in place on the back wall ready to be painted.

Stay tuned. 




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Started working on some of the equipment for the shop.

I wanted a shop sink could not find one so I got some parts together and made my own used a wrench for one side, came out pretty good I think. A Battery charger the only thing I did was paint it and replace the top handle, I rusted my Coke Machine.
Put the drill press together I changed the handle on the right I used 3 Pins the original ones were deformed. Made a Parts Washer put it on a old barrel I had. Reworked 2 roll around stools, one I put a cut down the middle on the seat and then painted it to look like wood boards, the other one I replaced the bottom with a Dragster front wheel to be different. Finished my Peg Board just a few more tools to put on it.




batt charger1.jpg







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Today:    people, a bike, a rat fink stool, some helmets.
Well being the person I am I cannot stand the pre-painted figures, so I had this guy for the shop but he looked bad
So I found this shirt on the net thought it would look cool on him so I re-painted all of him I tried to match the shirt I think he looks a lot better.
I decided to make a Rat Fink stool used a round piece of plastic for the top bent some solid brass for the legs, the center ring is a wheel backing ring, painted them with MOLOTOW
and RF decals for the top and there you go. I had 2 old helmets Painted one like Easy Rider, and another one just white with a few decals on it. Last I threw together a Drag Bike
From parts not great but it will pass I think, as always comments, questions, criticism welcomed.


shirt model.jpeg







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This is looking super! Great weathering and detailing! How did you get the shirt from a picture, on to the figure? Maisto make fairly inexpensive motorcycle models which can be disassembled and rebuilt, including Harley Davidson knuckleheads, panheads, shovelheads, etc.

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