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Jimmy Spencer Driving Christine on a Dirt Track


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Had some fun with this one. AMT Christine kit. Sanded off all the trim and opened the wheel wells to accommodate the larger tires. I used Tamiya putty to cover the headlights and taillights. Built a roll cage from the parts tree. My first attempt at building front and rear bumper bars, I’m not happy with the result, that’s how you learn I guess. Rustoleum primer and paint, MPR decals and Plastic Performance wheels and tires.37D44ABE-3786-413B-AC3B-14518F94F3E7.thumb.jpeg.40957df9070ce1443cbbdad3fcb4c0cf.jpeg1EF25D66-6E02-4694-93FF-5A0959ABA065.thumb.jpeg.b98c40f8c92f1ae6c486978aed29b80e.jpeg8D929CC6-55DE-4A72-9F40-14D08097B292.thumb.jpeg.573a8a2d84526a6d53319377ed5ca747.jpegD73DAA29-036D-40CE-A6C5-F096154DE246.thumb.jpeg.71ba157e186298e7e703721fee96aebc.jpeg4F40F72E-6D02-40E3-8771-8BDD58506E6B.thumb.jpeg.83c60ee0d49245bd15f59e0fc86a918c.jpeg25D7BCD9-16E9-40A4-BD7E-F6A56719F720.thumb.jpeg.28f7b3647fec57175979f9f3c08309be.jpeg54B367B1-58C5-4A04-9008-4C15AE2B45E8.thumb.jpeg.019aa962783fb4f310d61614549ef3e8.jpeg075785C0-95F0-46F5-901D-42900EEB29D9.thumb.jpeg.dc361b690bbec00b5736752267b13e3f.jpeg10376FE6-0A49-41D9-83C9-781BEDB0B4E2.thumb.jpeg.8e4018cb4df5415bd1cdd66e9a9d52a6.jpegEF0EF2F0-9F84-417F-AF19-5EF6D091E602.thumb.jpeg.a631ff35c42cf4c534c47d9bd451cf76.jpeg9BB32AA2-18B0-4FD9-965D-48450F4A8075.thumb.jpeg.9fa7b9736eb61441869d4e9eb9ab13fb.jpeg

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